Step 3.

Posted January 14, 2014.

Civil 3D file size too large. I have a 6.


I have a 6.

. In the dialog box under Source, select Objects, and leave the Base Point at 0,0,0; under Objects, click on Retain, and set the file name and path to the desired part name and location. Audit.

Try that at the command line.

Save. . How Could I reduce my file size I'm workingon a project with several surface, alignments, profiles, sections, corridors, etc.

The image covers the entire county that I am using, but I only need a smaller portion of the image for a project. Hanging for a long time when selecting text with the Properties palette open.



25. When saving out a RCP or RCS file from Autodesk's Recap, the default resolution is 5 mm between points.

. 7k.

Enter the -PURGE.
Other symptoms include Failure to copy and paste elements.
You can try.

Here, we.

This could be needed more than once.

Use the Brep command to remove the history of the selected solid. . Hello.

Corrupt data in the drawing. So lets see what we can do to reduce AutoCAD file size. Overkill. . I am trying to export PDFs of drawings with a high resolution image covering almost an entire A1.

I have a 6.

Software. Jul 14, 2015 But these tips will typically work to reduce your size to some extent.

Audit doesnt reduce file.

The Brep command erases that history, and the file size shrinks.



Reducing a SID file.